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Come and visit! (Parking info and Directions to our shop)

Call us at 781-606-2621 to make an appointment, or drop in and meet us.

Interested in learning more about our history and mission?

Upcoming small group lessons and talks on our schedule are just the beginning.

Any topic, any time: just give us a call to arrange a one-to-one appointment.

Meet our SDM trainers

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SDM Associate

SDM Associate

SDM Associate

SDM Associate

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Past Staff Member

Past Staff Member

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How to Copy, Cut and Paste

Do you want to learn how to quickly copy, cut and paste text within a document? Read on to learn how to carry out these tasks quickly and simply.

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How to search using the chrome browser

Are you new to Google’s web browser, which is named Chrome, and wondering how to find and use Google search? Read on for a step by step by step guide on how to search using the chrome browser.

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How to Unfreeze your PC

Did your PC or laptop freeze up? Read on for step by step instructions for an easy way to unfreeze it.

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How to Unfreeze Your Mac

Is your Mac frozen? Read on for an easy way to unfreeze your Mac.

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How to watch SDM video lessons

SDM Foundation has video lessons posted on our YouTube page. Read on to learn how you can watch SDM video lessons.

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How to scan a document on your iPhone or iPad

How to Scan a Document on Your iPhone/iPad

Did you know that you can scan a document, and create a pdf, with your iPhone or iPad using the notes app? Follow these instructions to get started.

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How to select using control_command and shift keys

How to Select: using command/control and shift keys

There are situations where you may want to select multiple files at the same time. You can do this easily using your keyboard and your mouse/trackpad.

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How to Tell - is my device off or just asleep

How to Tell: is my device off or just asleep?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if your device is switched off, or has simply gone to sleep. Read on to find out more about the differences, and when you might choose to use one option over the other.

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How to read Google search results

How to Read Google Search Results

In order to make best use of Google search, it is important to be able to search effectively and understand the search results. Read on for some tips on getting started.

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How to stop Facebook eating your cellphone battery

How to Stop Facebook Eating Your Cellphone Battery

Are you noticing a big drain on your cellphone battery when using the Facebook app? Read on for some tips on reducing this.

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"Such a welcoming, relaxed pace. Thank you for everything!"

"This is a great resource!"

"I am so happy you are here!"

"Great service for people who need advice and to learn their way around the systems."

"Thank you for what you do. You make computer life much easier."

"Your employee was terrific! Clear, concise and well-informed!"

"Great service!"

"You seem to be doing everything right."

"I'm very excited that SDM is in town."

"I like the opportunity to have on-going questions that arise answered as my knowledge base increases."

"I live in Senior Citizen housing and I’m spreading the news of how great you are!"

"Came in to fix an email problem.  They were able to correct the problem.  I have had others try, including the Geek Squad, and each thought they made the correction.  They had not."

"I am very thankful that you are so handy in downtown Melrose.  I’ve been looking for such a place forever so I don’t have to be bothering family and friends."

"A warm welcoming environment.  I’ll definitely be back!"

"Enjoyed the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere."

"I rate my service there a 10!"

"Wonderful staff!"

"What a wonderful resource!"

"Thank you for what you do. You make computer life much easier."

"You employee is efficient, patient and knowledgeable."

"I feel much more confident."

"A 'user-friendly' business that is free to the public - couldn't be better!"

"The employee made me feel that no question was too basic."

"Great experience!"

"I think your service is needed and great for the community."

"You have all the knowledge I would need."

"You're all A+."

"That was a great program! Thanks. My daughter was even showing her younger brother what they did."

"Thanks for all that you do!"

"I couldn't have done it without you!"

"That was fantastic!"

"This is great!"

"Great, as always!"

Meeting you made my day. I was thrilled to be here. Thank you for this incredible service. I am truly "grateful."

"I love to come here! It's such a happy place!"

"I couldn't have done it without you!"

"You saved the day!"

"Prompt, pleasant, helpful."

"My associate is a superb teacher with much patience and thoughtfulness of my many disabilities."

"My sister raved about the help she received."

"SDM is very helpful and I am so appreciative of the work you do with our community!"

"Sometimes you're just so brilliant"


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SDM Foundation
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Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm;
(Last appointment of the day is 3:00 pm)

Saturday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.

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