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When you create a new document and save it, you have two options: save and save as. Using Microsoft Word as our example, the following blog post describes the difference between save and save as.

When you click on file → save, this will save the open document in its current state.

The save dialog box requires that you choose a location, name and file type. The location will be a file path where the document will be saved. By default most word processors will save things to the documents folder. An example of a file path (save location) would be

C:\Users\JohnSmith\Documents ← save location

The next required piece is a name for the document. By default Word will save it as Doc1 if it is being saved for the first time. You can replace Doc1 with something else to name the file.        

Finally, you will have to choose a file type for the document.  The file type for Microsoft Word documents are .docx files. There are many different file types used by different programs. Another example is the .pdf file type, this stands for portable document format and is used to send documents between computers and ensure they can be read by both parties.  There are many different file types for different things and you may want to consider what the file will be used for when choosing the file type.



Save As will allow you to create a separate copy of the document and give it a new name.  This will create a new document with the same content but a different name.

This method can be useful in creating a template for a certain type of document you may use over and over.


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