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We have all gotten locked out of an email account and needed to reset the password. Here are a few tricks to do BEFORE this happens, to put you in the best position for a successful reset.

  1. Make sure that the backup email listed on all of your accounts is actually an email that you or someone close to you has access to.
  2. Make sure that the backup phone number is not only one that you still have access to, but listing a cell phone is far easier than if you have listed a landline or other phone that doesn’t have texting ability.
  3. If you have a GMail account, make note of the date you started this account. This is one of the security questions that might be asked. We have another blog post that explains how to find this date if you do not know it.
  4. Keep answers to your security questions in the same manner that you keep passwords. You will need to know EXACTLY how you answered the question, including capitalization, punctuation and abbreviations.

Good luck! A little planning ahead can save a lot of anguish later.

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