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Topics geared toward students and their parents: Google Classroom, Parental controls, Social Media safety

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Casual conversations about technology. Thursdays at 1

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Online Game

Playing games online alone and with your friends is a great activity, especially if you are careful and mindful of your security and settings.

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Facebook is a social media website in use across the world. It is a great way to keep up with friends and family, but also an easy place to accidentally give out your private information.

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Video Chatting

Video chatting with people you know is a great way to stay in touch. Learn about your options.

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Have you wanted to learn about taking and editing pictures on tablets, phones and digital cameras?

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Coding, or programming, is the language that tells a computer what to do.

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Blogging/Website Design

Creating a simple website or blog is now easy enough for most people. Learn your options and get started!

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The Internet and Web are the computer infrastructure that allow computers across the world to talk to each other. Learn how to access and use this information.

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Learn about how to use your computer safely, and about security and privacy settings and how to set yours appropriately

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The Cloud

Learn what the cloud is, how you might use it, and the differences between the major cloud service providers

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G Suite

GSuite is a set of applications from Google for use by businesses.

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Calendars have been around a long time. Learn what the digital equivalent offers.

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Email is one of the main methods of communication today. An email address is also a required identifier and a backup for your security for many apps and web sites.

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Word Processing

A lesson for people who would like to learn how to create and use a text document.

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A lesson for people who would like to learn how to create and use a spreadsheet.

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Slideshows can be used for presentations or as a way to share information.

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Address cards have been around a long time. Learn what the digital equivalent offers.

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Buying A Computer

Learn the different types of computers, the strengths of each, and what you need to think about before you buy.

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A Kindle is an Amazon reading device that can display both Kindle books and PDF documents. Kindle books can be purchased from Amazon, or checked out of the library.

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Android Tablet/Phone

The Android operating system from Google is available for tablets and phones that are made by various hardware manufacturers.

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Apple’s iOS is the operating system for iPads and iPhones.

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Unix is an open source operating system that is free and comes in a variety of designs e.g. Mint and Ubuntu.

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A Chromebook is a computer running the Chrome Operating System made by Google.

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Microsoft’s Windows Operating System runs on many kinds of computers made by Microsoft, Dell, HP and more.

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Apple’s Macintosh Operating System, Mac OS, runs on all Apple computers.

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