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Coding, or programming, is the language that tells a computer what to do.

Programming for Beginners

What is a programming language

The basic building blocks of programming

What programming syntax looks like

How to continue learning this or another language

HTML Javascript CSS

Learn how to create a website from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In this lesson, we will start by learning how we can create and arrange content on the web using HTML.

They will then add styling to the elements on the page with CSS.

From here we will explore a little bit of Javascript functionality and see how we can add this to our website.

Scratch for Beginners

Scratch is a programming language from MIT that is visual, easy to learn, powerful and FUN!

The focus is on a fun initial coding experience and will include topics such as motion, costumes, sound, sensing and events.

Scratch Advanced

More advanced Scratch programming will include for example the use of variables, the inclusion of graphics, music, lists and debugging.


Learn how to get started programming a computer game using the Unity language.

In this lesson, we will create a few basic game prototypes using Unity’s built in tools as well as writing a few scripts in C#. This will give students the skills to independently pursue game development knowledge within Unity.


Raspberry Pi

Learn to set up and program on a Raspberry Pi.

In this lesson, work with a Raspberry Pi computer and learn how to hook it up, get it running, and begin programming basic projects.


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