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Email is one of the main methods of communication today. An email address is also a required identifier and a backup for your security for many apps and web sites.

Email for Beginners:

What is email
What an email address looks like
How to get an email address (e.g. gmail)
What to do when you have an email address
Managing your email online through a browser
How to send an email
How to read an email
Parts of an email message
Reply, reply all
What is spam?

Email Applications:

Learn why and how to move from webmail to a mail application and how to manage multiple email accounts in an email application.

Email Cleanup:

Whether you have 100, 1000 or 100,000 emails in your inbox, there are ways to clean up so that you are not overwhelmed and are able to find emails when you need them.

After taking this lesson you will know:
How to approach cleaning up your email
How to unsubscribe
Filters for Gmail
Rules/Sweep for Outlook/Hotmail

Emails Working with Attachments:

Learn how to save attachments that you receive, and send attachments to other people, including when they are very large.

How to open attached documents.

How to save, where to save.

How to attach a picture or document to an email.

How to send large attachments.

Alternatives to attachments.

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