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The Internet and Web are the computer infrastructure that allow computers across the world to talk to each other. Learn how to access and use this information.

Lesson Plans

Internet/Web for Beginner:

Learn what the Internet and Web are, and

how you can use them.

Whether you are using a phone or a desktop computer,

whether you have wifi at home or not, there are many ways to access the Internet.

After this lesson you will understand what information is available on the Internet and how people can access it.

How to Search:

Learn to choose good search terms and how to evaluate the results

After taking this lesson you will know:
Different search engines:,,
How to identify good search terms.
How to evaluate the search results.
What Wikipedia is and whether you should rely on it.

Online Banking:

Learn to set up and use bank websites securely

How to create an account at a bank or vendor’s website.

Is it safe?

How to pay bills individually or on autopay.

How to transfer money.

What are Paypal, Apple and Google wallet and Venmo?

Online Job Search:

Learn which websites to use in your job search and basics on creating and uploading a resume

After this lesson you will understand how to choose a template to create a website,

how to search for jobs, and

how to complete online applications and

upload your resume.

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