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Scheduled lessons and ShopTalks are just the beginning. Any topic, any time: just request a one-to-one appointment, in person or remotely.

Check out our self-study materials on Pinterest, YouTube and in our blog posts.

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How to Help Windows 10 Boot Faster

Some programs configure themselves to start when you boot the computer, which slows it down. Read on to learn more about how to help Windows 10 boot faster.

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Helpful Shortcuts to Navigate Your Browser Faster

Some tasks we do regularly when browsing online; opening a new tab, or window, searching on a page. Learn shortcuts to navigate your browser faster.

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What is the iCloud Photo Backup Warning?

When you turn on iCloud Photo Backup on your iPhone you may get a message telling you that some photos may be removed. Read on to learn what this iCloud Photo Backup Warning means.

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Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a cross-platform service that links non-Google-Cloud compatible printers to Google Cloud devices.  It basically allows you to sync any printers to your Google Account and print through the account. Read on to learn more.

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Automatic Text Reply Setup on an iPhone

Did you know that you can set up your iPhone so that if you get a call when driving, the caller will receive an automatic text reply?

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Understanding Photos in an Apple environment

It’s important to understand how pictures are stored and shared between your devices. Read on to learn more about photos in an Apple environment.

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Google Drive Features and Google Applications

Google Drive is a completely free file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. Read on to find out more about Google Drive features!

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How to Update Apps on an Android

Do you need to update apps on an Android phone or tablet? It is easy to do, and we can show you how in these simple steps.

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What is WiFi?

What is WiFi? Simply put it is wireless internet access. It allows you to connect to the internet without the need for a wired connection.

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"I couldn't have done it without you!"

"That was fantastic!"

"Great experience!"

"I am so happy you are here!"

"Thanks for all that you do!"

Thank you! I hope not to see you again soon!

"Great, as always!"

"You employee is efficient, patient and knowledgeable."

You really released my anxiety!

"You have all the knowledge I would need."

You are changing people's lives!

"Wonderful staff!"

"Great service for people who need advice and to learn their way around the systems."

"I live in Senior Citizen housing and I’m spreading the news of how great you are!"

"Came in to fix an email problem.  They were able to correct the problem.  I have had others try, including the Geek Squad, and each thought they made the correction.  They had not."

"This is great!"

"You saved the day!"

"What a wonderful resource!"

"Great service!"

"I love to come here! It's such a happy place!"

"Thank you for what you do. You make computer life much easier."

"Thank you for what you do. You make computer life much easier."

"I like the opportunity to have on-going questions that arise answered as my knowledge base increases."

"Prompt, pleasant, helpful."

"This is a great resource!"

"My associate is a superb teacher with much patience and thoughtfulness of my many disabilities."

"That was a great program! Thanks. My daughter was even showing her younger brother what they did."

"You seem to be doing everything right."

"Enjoyed the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere."

"I am very thankful that you are so handy in downtown Melrose.  I’ve been looking for such a place forever so I don’t have to be bothering family and friends."

"I feel much more confident."

"Your employee was terrific! Clear, concise and well-informed!"

I'm fixed!!

"The employee made me feel that no question was too basic."

"I'm very excited that SDM is in town."

"I couldn't have done it without you!"

"You're all A+."

"A 'user-friendly' business that is free to the public - couldn't be better!"

"I rate my service there a 10!"

"A warm welcoming environment.  I’ll definitely be back!"

SDM is a gift to the community!

"Such a welcoming, relaxed pace. Thank you for everything!"

Meeting you made my day. I was thrilled to be here. Thank you for this incredible service. I am truly "grateful."

"SDM is very helpful and I am so appreciative of the work you do with our community!"

"I think your service is needed and great for the community."

"My sister raved about the help she received."

"Sometimes you're just so brilliant"

We are so lucky!!


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